Finetuning an AI Language Model on Consumer Hardware

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As a followup to my guide on generating text locally with the AI language model GPT-Neo, this guide is going to cover how to finetune the same models with our own training data locally and using consumer hardware As of right now the models ChatGPT uses (GPT 3.5) aren’t actually open source. They’re also much … Read More

Basic Guide to AI Text Generation with GPT-Neo

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GPT-Neo is an open source implementation of GPT, a language model designed to generate human like text. GPT-Neo is no longer in development and has been largely superseded by more advanced models but it still has some advantages, mainly that it’s not a very large model and can run on consumer hardware. GPT-Neo functions like … Read More

RetroArch Slowstart Guide

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Part 1: Background RetroArch is a frontend for the the libretro API. The idea behind libretro was to separate the higher level tasks of an emulator such as the video drivers, the configuration, input, etc. from the actual emulator itself. A libretro core will, for the most part, only handle actual emulation. Before libretro every … Read More